Una Organización Social que trabaja hace 29 años desde la perspectiva de la educación popular impulsando acciones de promoción y protección de derechos con población en situación de vulnerabilidad


ROTADOR jovenes 1


We promote the participation, empowerment, and the role of young people in the full exercise of their citizenship through collective reflection, where we promote social and political commitment.

We also provide spaces through art and creativity, where values such as solidarity and we work as a team.

ROTADOR economia 2


Through the promotion of the Social economy, we seek to strengthen the productivity of young people and adults, so they can improve their quality of life with the development of productive initiatives like self-employment alternatives.

In addition, we promote the creation and management of housing projects intended to facilitate fair access to a decent and sustainable habitat, with the material conditions and basic services to vulnerable populations to meet their needs and improve their quality of life.

ROTADOR empleabilidad 1


Seek to improve the conditions of empleabilidad of young people and adults who are in a disadvantageous socio-economic situation. To hold places of socio-labour training, where in addition to attend technical training, we are dealing with aspects relating to the culture of work, social skills, citizen participation and management search and job placement process.

We act as a link between the popular sectors of education formal, State agencies that manage employment policies and private companies, generating a network of intersectoral articulation that allows you to specify the insertion in the world of the work of many people.


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