Teatro tecnopolis

This Friday, our educational play said goodbye to the 4th edition of Technopolis with a last function to a full House. Thousands of young people in the greater Buenos Aires who participate in the program PROG. R.ES.AR.  they were able to enjoy the work that reflect on the working world through art and participation.

Artistic programme, carried out by our players and managers, was seen by m {as of 3 thousand young people who visited the stand "Guarantor of work, guarantor of rights", the space of the Ministry of labour, employment and Social security of the nation since mid-July inside the exhibition of science, art and technology of Villa Martelli, Vicente López.} In this way, became one of the more attractive that offered Technopolis 4.700.000 people who visited this year shows.

"Is the fourth year that the Ministry of labour has a stand at Technopolis and it seems to us that it is the place which should be by the number of young people who visit the site" said Federico Ludueña, the Undersecretary of promotion of the Sector Social of the nation, that was present in the last function dialogue with the young people present.  "An Argentina with work and education for young people is made with effort but also with joy," he added.

With comic improvisations, artists represent common situations in the process of search and insertion to the labour market through young people reflecting on labor rights and public policies that help new generations to expand opportunities of employability and ensure access to decent employment.

In this sense Marcelo Koyra, Executive Director of our Foundation, argues that "the program PROG. R.ES.AR. came to rectify public policies that seek to promote training and social inclusion of young people, as the "Young people with more and better work" program, which has trained more than two million young people from around the country, accompanying them in the process of inclusion into the labor market in the last decade,".

About the experience at Technopolis, Marcelo ensures that "educational theatre gives us an innovative tool to reflect on labour rights, articulating the history of the social processes with the experience of so many young people that they are currently forming for entering the world of the working concrete " o”.