los jovenes de crear pintaron

This Saturday, November 29, young Foundation create will be starting with the Assembly of an artistic mural next to the students of the school high school No. 16 Hipólito Irigoyen the Horn.  The activity is part of planned practices in the course of painter's work made by the guys from July.

The proposal is to collaborate with school leavers who wish to paint a mural reflecting its passage by the institution. For this, young people who participate in this training proposal in trade within the framework of the program strengths, together with the professor in charge of the course, will be responsible for advising students both in the preparation of the wall of the courtyard of the school as in the realization of the mural.

In this way, young people are still adding activities to put into practice the knowledge acquired so far in theoretical classes, where they learn about the attributes of materials, working tools and ways to execute the process of painting according to the different types of surfaces.