el lic marcelo koyra encabeza

The Director Executive of Foundation create and President of Forum TrEES, Lic. Marcelo Koyra, headed this morning the opening of the meeting "policies and actions that stimulate employment: study, work, and undertake" which will take place today and tomorrow in the Spanish city of Malaga. The event brings together social entities, universities and agencies public and private in Europe and Latin America in order to discuss actions to promote youth employability.

Junto to the President of Asociación Arrabal-AID, José Antonio Naveros and the Presidency member of the Diputación of Málaga, Carlos Conde or ́Donnell, Marcelo Koyra was commissioned to welcome to the European guests, who will have the opportunity to share best practices in employment policies that took place in Argentina in recent years thanks to the articulation of civil society organizations with State agencies and private companies committed to social inclusion.

The event is driven by organizations Forum Trees, Conexx Europe, and Arrabal-AID Association, in collaboration with the Diputación de Málaga, and search be the meeting point for the actors who are involved in the fight against youth unemployment. Two days will be assessed the causes of the problem and you will discuss about possible actions that they influence public policy in the two regions to improve the employability of youth.

Raised activities expected the development of workshops where themes will be presented as the possibility for young people to study and work, the importance of Corporate Social responsibility from the perspective of the inclusion of young people to the world of work, and management of productive enterprises as an alternative of self-employment.

Also participate the meeting the Deputy Minister of employment of the province of Buenos Aires, Luis Enrique Antoniolli; the Technical Director of business cooperation and promotion of employment of the University of Malaga, Antonio Peñafiel; the Dean of the University of Cadiz, Manuel Larrán; the Director of the international of the Labour Organization (ILO) in Spain, Joaquín Nieto; The responsible of the program of employability for youth of Fundación Telefónica, Matias Figueroa; and the head of communication of the Foundation Trinijove, Ana Montoro; among other players.